Our recording studio is humble in size but big on sound quality.


Most of the recording is achieved in our sound proofed vocal booth. For the best results we record each part of a song in isolation one track at a time. This gives us the superior sound quality and control over the mix. We can also record guide tracks straight into the desk, or amplified through our custom built and sound isolated "speaker in a box" which we can mic up with virtually no sound spill into the room. We are not currently set up to record acoustic drum kits but we do have a set of Roland V-Drums which sound great.


We have a vast array of instruments available to use on your recordings including a range of guitars and bases, a banjo, alto saxophone, midi hammer action stage piano, trombone, bongos, flute, violin, V-Drums and not to forget the humble penny whistle! We can always find something fitting to get creative with and help lift a track.


We have a number of guitar and bass amps and can offer a range of tones for you guitar aficionados. These can be miked up in the vocal booth or fed into our speaker box.

With a selection of high end industry standard microphones we can find a setup to complement any voice or instrument.

We record through high end audio gear and pristine digital converters mixing your songs in the digital domain and add effects sparingly to maintain a natural sound.

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