Recording Process


Arrive at Infinity Sound Studios by bus or car ‿there are bus stops nearby and ample parking. We get the kettle on and help you unload any gear then have a chat about what you want to achieve over a nice cup of tea or coffee and biscuits. For the singers out there we can make you a soothing hot honey and lemon.

Set up

Together we set your gear up or you choose from our extensive selection of instruments and amps. We try a few different microphone combinations to get the sound you are after. For the initial setup we tend to have the vocalist isolated in the sound booth and other group members going through the speaker box or straight into the desk. We are not currently set up to record acoustic drum kits but our Roland V-Drums sound great and spill very little sound.

Rough cut and guide tracks

With everybody set up we go for a rough cut with everyone playing to maintain a live groove. We may not use all of these tracks in the end but they help later on as guides when we track each part separately in the sound booth or speaker box.


We layer up as many tracks as you feel necessary in the sound booth or speaker box. Adding backing vocals, instrumentals or re-recording tracks that were lacking or would sound better miked up rather than direct.


We mix tracks as we go, you will hear the song coming together after each take. These can be magical moments.

Effects, Editing and Punching In

We add EQ, compression, reverb and whatever fits the job at hand. We tend to produce natural sounding music so we go light on the effects. This also gives you more time for performing music rather than watching us play with software plugins. We are sometimes asked “can you auto-tune the vocals?‿the basic answer is, no. Auto tuning can sound fake. Our solution is to go for another take, or punch in over the mistake.


We can perform simple and effective mastering techniques to make you songs sound polished and consistent.

Session Musicians

We can help you to lift a song by getting a session musician involved. Maybe you are more of a lyricist and would like us to help with the musical side of your song, maybe you would like us to lift a song or take it in a new direction. We are always happy to help out with the creative process. Get in touch before booking to discuss what kind of expertise you require. Often we can do this free of charge.


If you book a long session then we recommend you bring some food. If you give us some notice we can prepare something simple for a modest price.

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